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About Rastin's Pharmacy


Rastin’s PharmaChoice Pharmacy has been locally owned and operated since Ancaster resident Janet Rastin purchased Wilson Street Medical Pharmacy back in 1996, making it Ancaster’s longest established independent pharmacy. Rastin’s Pharmacy plays a big part in the Ancaster community by sponsoring several community events such as Ancaster Film Festival, Theatre Ancaster, and Ancaster Community Services. The pharmacy also sponsors and organizes the Annual Heritage Day Soap Box Derby on the second Saturday of June.


At Rastin's Pharmacy, we understand that sometimes you need access to your medication quickly. Our team will always strive to serve you in a quick and efficient manner, all while maintaining a discreet and respectful atmosphere.

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How Our Pharmacy Team Can Help

At Rastin’s Pharmacy, we take pride in helping to keep the Ancaster community healthy. That’s why we go above and beyond prescription-filling services to provide a wealth of pharmacy services including consultations, medication packaging, reviews, and synchronization, prescription home delivery, and more.

We are also proud to be Ancaster’s Diabetes and travel medicine specialist. We can assist you with all of your diabetes-related medical questions and provide expert advice on how to improve your overall health and quality of life. Our travel clinic can help prepare you for your upcoming vacation by addressing and destination-specific health concerns and ensure that your vaccination record includes all necessary inoculations.

Temporary changes due to Covid-19 Pandemic

To help protect our customers and our staff we have implemented a few changes in our store.

We have created a “crease” in front of our counter and just like in that Canadian game called hockey, we are asking our customers to avoid entering the “crease” while our staff is near our counter. When your purchases are rung into the cash, our staff will step back from the counter to allow you to enter the “crease” to pay – preferably by debit/credit which may be tapped.

Temporary changes due to Covid-19 Pandemic

We will be following the Ontario Ministry of Health’s recommendations to limit current prescription quantities to a 30 day supply. 

The Ministry of Health also sees any refill filled less than 10 days before it is due as an early fill and must be explained.

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